2-3 Days Divya Churna (for Constipation); 100 grams

Main Ingredients:

Rose flower, dry ginger, rock-salt, leaves of Svarna-patri (Sanay), Jangha Haritaki (Harad), Krishna-bija (Kala-dana), Mishreya (Saunf).

Therapeutic Uses:

Cures constipation & takes out the faeces adhered in the intestines; activates intestines, so the internal layer of intestines does not allow the faeces to adhere there again.

Totally clears the stomach; removes disappointment & makes the body active.

Helps in curing abdominal pain, flatulence, heaviness & nausea.

Mode of Administration:

To be taken at bed time with warm water.


One teaspoonful (5 gms.).

(100 grams of Divya Churna produced by Swami Ramdev's Divya Pharmacy)

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Divya Churna (for Constipation); 100 grams

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