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Divya Mukta Vati (for High Blood Pressure); 40 grams -

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Divya Mukta Vati (for High Blood Pressure); 40 grams

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Product Description

Divya Mukti Vati is an ancient ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of high blood pressure. Though western medicine claims high blood pressure cannot be cured, reasearch by Swami Ramdev's Patanjali Yoga Pith has shown that Divya Mukta Vati can immediately reduce your blood pressure to normal within 3 or 4 days of taking, and with continued use you can become cured of the disease. For best results you should also practice the special breathing exercises (pranayama) as outlined in Swam Ramdev's book "Pranayama: Its Philosophy & Practice".

Main Ingredients:

A celestial medicine prepared with pious herbs found in the Himalayas, like Brahmi, Sankha-pushpi, Ustukhudusa (Arabian or French Lavender), Arjuna, Puskara-mula, Jata-mamsi, Sarpagandha, Jyotishmati, Vaca, Ashvagandha and other cooling herbs like Moti Pishti (Mukta Pishti).

Therapeutic Uses:

  • Absolutely free from side effects.
  • Cures high blood pressure caused by any reason, either by kidney disorder, heart disease or by increased cholestrol, anxiety, tension, or for hereditary reasons.
  • Also cures associated complications like insomnia, feeling of uneasiness, palpitation, pain in the chest and head. There is no need to take any extra medicine for the relief of these complications. Intake of this 'Mukta Vati' will not produce excessive sleep in persons who already have normal sleep.
  • There is no need to take allopathic or any other medicine along with the administration of 'Mukta Vati'. If a patient already takes any other medicine he may stop that undoubtedly. If any patient has been taking other medicine for a long time, or is habituated to taking that medicine, then first he should gradually reduce the dose of that medicine along with the intake of 'Mukta Vati'. Thereafter, he may stop taking that other medicine gradually.
  • Mukta Vati also gives immediate relief to those patients whose blood pressure doesn't become normal even after taking allopathic medicine, and who are suffering from insomnia (sleeplessness) as well as uneasiness.
  • Allopathic medicines give only temporary relief, as they are not able to root out the disease, whereas 'Mukta Vati' cures the disease forever within a short period of one or one and a half years. It normalizes the blood pressure, and there is no need to take any other medicine.
  • If for exceptional reasons one has to take 'Mukta Vati' for a long time, still there is no harm as it doesn't produce any side effect.
Mode of Administration & Dosage:

  • If B.P. is 160/100 mmhg. or more while taking allopathic medicine: 1-2 tabs, thrice a day - before breakfast, before lunch, and one hour before diner with fresh water.
  • If B.P. is 140/90 mmhg. while taking allopathic medicine: 1-2 tabs twice a day - before breakfast and diner.
  • It will be more effective if tablet is chewed first and then water is taken. Allopathic medicine should be stopped when B.P. becomes normal.

If patient is taking allopathic medicine then he should be made to check his B.P. after starting 'Mukta Vati'. When B.P. becomes normal even without taking allopathic medicine then allopathic medicine should be discontinued. If patient is habituated to taking allopathic medicine, then the dosage should be reduced gradually and then stopped. Meanwhile 2 tablets, of 'Mukta Vati' (before breakfast or lunch) should be continued. If by taking 'Mukta Vati' (2 tabs.) once a day, B.P. becomes normal for some period, then dosage should be reduced to one tablet per day in the morning. This wil stablize B.P. in the normal level. Dose of one tablet (once a day) should be continued for some days. Then B.P. will be come 120/ 80 mmhg, or less. Now the dose of 'Mukta Vati' should be reduced to one tablet twice a week, and then one tab once a week. Thereafter intake of the medicine should be stopped. Now B.P. will remain normal and the patient will be healthy and fit.


  • Take light and digestive food;
  • Take 2 to 4 tumblers of water early in the morning.

Take salt in less quantity. In the place of sea-salt, rock-salt should be taken.

(40 grams of Divya Mukta Vati produced by Swami Ramdev's Divya Pharmacy. Approximately 120 tablets per bottle.)

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Product Reviews

  1. it works

    Posted by bujassem on 8th Nov 2010

    this medicine is great after starting the medication i noticed a big difference in my BP now it has reduced drasticlly to 130/80, also my pulse has dropped to 65 from 80's.

  2. Mukta Vati by Divya Pharmacy is the best hebal product I have ever taken

    Posted by Paul Holland on 29th Jun 2010

    Guys & girls, this is NO exageration this product works and it works within 24 hrs. IF YOU HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, DONT HESITATE TO BUY THIS NOW. By the way Im white English male and so have no commercial connection with any producers or wholesalers in the country of production (India). I take two halves of one tablet per DAY. Its reduced my blood pressure by a massive 25% down to around 125/65 on average and pulse around 60 - thats down from around 170/85 and pulse 85, in fact I routinely reached 185/100 rising to 210/120 in stressful situation. This product consistantly hold the quoted level. Its flamin amazing!! The only herbal product Ive ever taken that actually works i the right way. Use Divya Pharmacy brand, simply because its worked so well for me, i will never order from another pharmacy now Ive found this. Im currently buying some of Divyas other products that are also under the Swami Ramdev trademark. I appreciate the Swami endorses this TYPE of treatment and that he doesnt actually have any direct connection with this pharmacy or any other - he is into Yoga only (and in a big big way). Bless Divya and bless the Swami !!

  3. Got relief after suffering of 10 years

    Posted by Amreshwar Sharan Shukla on 24th May 2010

    I was suffering from the BP from last 10 years and came to know about MUKTA VATI last month. After taking one month my BP has gone and I am happy man free of headache or other related side effect of BP (it has reduce my BP from 130/94 to 120/81) .
    Recommended to any one who is suffering from BP without any doubt. It is risk free medicine with no side effect.

  4. Real cure for High BP

    Posted by Ravindra on 19th Apr 2010

    My B P used to be 170/110. I started allopathic medicines and it brought my BP upto 160/100 and no further improvements even after advised me more powerful medicines. I started Divya Mukta Vati two and half months back and my current BP is 130-80. I still take allopathic medicines and hope that one day I may not have to take any allopathic medicines.


    Posted by DEEPAK KUMAR on 6th Apr 2010

    I am 30 year old DRDO Scientist.I faced problem of High BP and palpitation 5 months back.Through internet i came to know about this very medicine and started taking it. With-in one month i find my BP in Normal range 85-130. Earlier it was 100-150. My pulse rate also improved from 90 to 80. really its a blessing. Heartiest Thanks to Baba Ramdev Ji

  6. An amazing product

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Mar 2010

    I ordered these for my mother who had high blood pressure. Since taking them her blood pressure went down to normal and has not gone back up again. Through the years the doctors put her on many high blood pressure pills but none worked until Mukti Vati.

  7. MUKTA VATI that cure High BP

    Posted by Dr. DC Haloi on 6th Mar 2010

    I am allopathic physician and using and prescribing allopathic medicine for any diseasesa. But I know that these medicines are not side effect free. If effect is X then side effect is 2X. My age is 40 and BP is 142/96mmHg but after using the MUKTA VATI it comes to 126/84. I am using it for one months 1 BD and feel much better and ease. So, any one suuffering from Hypertension may try the gold MUKTA VATI. Dr. DC Haloi. Doimukh, Arunachal Pr.

  8. It really works

    Posted by Tulasi (USA - Tennessee) (Feb 12, 2010) on 12th Feb 2010

    Female 57 years old. Vegetarian, do yoga and tai chi. Weight is normal and still BP started going up to 155/100 at some times and then back down to almost normal. The doctor was starting to talk about BP medication. Thanks God I found this medicine. Within a week my BP was normal. I am working on reducing the amount and hope it will really work to the point that I don't have to take this med either. At which point I will add the 5th start to the review. Please try it without reserve. IT WORKS....

  9. I have BP for the last twenty three years...

    Posted by SVRAO on 8th Feb 2010

    For the last one year I have systolic variations which went upto 170.I used to take Tozam 50 along with ASOMAX 2.5.But once I started taking Mukhtha Vati my Bp is always under control.Systolic is varying between 110 to 130 even after brisk walk.Dyastolic is around 70.The only effect I have seen is the pulse rate reduces below 70.I recommend this medicine to High Bp patient.

  10. chamatrik medition

    Posted by AjaySingh Panwar on 23rd Jan 2010

    I knew about this 'Muktawati' tablet from an Advocate in court than I started from two tablet in morning and two tablets in evening I did not discontinue allopathic tablet 'Zorem' after four month I discontinue 'Zorem' and took 'Muktawati'twice a day. Than I took two tabletin morning and single tabletin evening. After a year I take always two tablets in morning. Before started 'Muktawati' My blooodpressure level was 110-155 after two years I got level 80-130 My age is 48now I am happy with 'Muktawati'My cholostrol level has been reduced

  11. The time factor!

    Posted by Fadi Chemaissem on 14th Jan 2010

    Where natural remedies usually take their time for their effects to be felt, this Muktavati works just as powerful as any blood pressure drug on the market. No wait, it actually works quicker than some blood pressure drugs like ACE inhibitors. This powerful Indian herbs work the same day you take these dynamite tablets. You can't tell I'm impressed with this product now can you?!

  12. The precisious medicine on the earth without any side effect

    Posted by pp on 3rd Jan 2010

    i am really thankfull to shri ramdevji maharaj for making such product like Divya Mukti Vati and making it avaliable for all class citizen of india in such a low prize

  13. Excellent medicine for BP control

    Posted by M.M.Goel, Jaipur on 17th Nov 2009

    I started using this medicine...MUKTA Vati short time back and i was continuing the allopathic medicine also..Few days back my allopathic medicine finished and i was just using Mukta vati.
    I was feeling my BP must have gone up as i missed the allopathic medice for few days.
    BUT...when i got BP checked was exactly 120/80.I was just surprised the megical influience of mukta vati...
    I will continue it and later if found OK i will abandon this also....THanks TO MUKTA.....

  14. mukta vati is gr8

    Posted by Brijesh on 22nd Oct 2009

    at the age of 30 i found that i bp is 145 to 100, so start taking mukta vati and after 2 month its down to 130 to 80

  15. It really Works

    Posted by Believer on 11th Aug 2009

    I am a defence officer and keep myself really fit by exercising, and eating the right food. I am a teetotaler and a non smoker also. However, my BP showed 155/110 during routine checkup though Lipid profile was within limits. Thanks to Mukta Vati and Arjun Kwath my BP has come down to 124/86 in just three weeks. Results were evident from the fourth day itself. This medicine really works. Baba Ramdev is doing a great service to humanity. I am a strong believer now.

  16. Jivan Daan

    Posted by Bhavin Amin on 27th Jul 2009

    I was suffering from High Blood Pressure at the age of just 28 years due to heavy work pressure, stress and tension..But after practising Pranayama alongwith the intake of Divya Mukta Vati I am now having normal B.P.

    Koti Koti Vandan to Shri Ramdevji Maharaj and his team..

  17. Simple treatment for High Blood Pressure

    Posted by Ramakishore B from Chennai on 20th Jul 2009

    My wife was suffering from erratic BP of 160/110 to 140/100 almost for one year after which she was put on a small dose of allopathic medicine. But its use did not really stabilize the BP. Then we went to Divya Pharmacy and consulted the Dr. who prescribed Muktavati, one tablet twice a day along with the allopathic tablet. After 6 months of usage the BP stabilized at 110/70. So the allopathy drug was given on alternate days for a few months and later once in two days and then once in three days. The BP continued to be at 110/70. Shortly the allopathy drug will be stopped and later try to reduce Muktavati itself. Really a great medicine with no side effects at all.


    Posted by NITIN PANCHAL on 15th May 2009


  19. Mukta Vati Works for me

    Posted by Allan on 14th Apr 2009

    Fed up with High Blood Pressure, Fed up with feeling sick, fed up of the prospect of a lifetime on Allopathic (no cure) blood pressure tablets. I turned to Mukta Vati. I buy from Matchless Gifts because the remedies are Guru designed. Not made simply for profit, so no corners cut, no inferior ingredients and all in the right dose. Well I am a big guy, I take 2 of these twice a day and in 1 week my blood pressure dropped from a poor 170 over 110 to 145 over 85. After two months my pressure fell to 137 over 80. Side well yes. At first I needed to pee a lot but that settled down, swellings in my ankles went. My heart rate is much slower, at about 54 beats per minute but as ones life is limited by the number of heart beats, this could be a good thing and I may get more time to get my spiritual life together. I feel better nor worse for it. I have noticed that if I come off these for a month or so, my pressure starts to creep back up. However the course is supposed to be 1 year and I haven't done that yet.

  20. Excellent for Young People

    Posted by Lalit on 6th Mar 2009

    I have started taking this product at the age of 40 years. I was worried for starting an allopathic medicine for BP at such an age forever. So I found it a better option without any side reaction.

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